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Hit ranking towel(TENUGUI) 1989-2017 best5 (navy&white)2piece set

Hit ranking towel(TENUGUI) 1989-2017 best5 (navy&white)2piece set

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April 30, 2019 marks the end of the Japanese year "Heisei".

Various projects and products were advertised daily on TV and SNS with phrases such as "the last of Heisei".
In the midst of all this, a number of products have been created to look back on the 30 years of "Heisei" called "Arigatou Heisei" (Thank you Heisei)!

Various items symbolizing the "Heisei" era are featured in the "Nikkei Trendy" information magazine "TRENDY" logo, and goods are released.
You can see at a glance the nostalgic items that were popular in your school days and items from before your birth, and feel the change of the times.

Why don't you feel the "Heisei Era" in Japan?
Set of two, navy blue and white.

Size: approx. 89 x 34 cm
Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan MADE IN JAPAN

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