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"APPMON" seven code band アプモンセブンコードバンド

"APPMON" seven code band アプモンセブンコードバンド

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From "AppliMonsters" comes a wearable gadget called "Appmon Seven Cord Band" that allows you to play in various modes!
The "Apumon Seven Cord Band," a wearable gadget that lets you play in a variety of modes!

■DIVE to the Deep Web!
Swipe to DIVE to the Deep Web just like in the movie!

■Dantemon will open the door to the Deep Web!
Apumon Search Mode

■A total of 50 different Apmon can be found!
Find all the Apmon you can!

■Buddy Synchro Mode
Play mini games with your buddy Apmon!

■Watch mode

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